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Elsweyr is an expansion pack and third chapter to the MMORPG PC game The Elder Scrolls Online, developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the 3th expansion pack released for the game. Elsweyr transports the action of the game to a new area and adds several new features and content to the original game.Players can now choose to play as a Necromancer, a new class of characters. They can undertake a new trial called Sunspire, as well as fight new high-level dragons, which roam the area. Elsweyr was met with very positive critical reception, with reviewers praising the graphics and design of the new location, the new playable class and enthralling story of the expansion.GameplayThe Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr changes little in the core gameplay mechanics of the ESO series. The game is still a traditional example of massive multiplayer online action-RPG, where the player chooses one of the six character classes and tries them out in the game world, either fighting other players or competing in a multitude of Player vs Everything (PvE) events, which include quests to complete, dungeons to clear and adventure zones to roam, solo or with friends.Elsweyr adds several new features, the main of which is a new character class – the Necromancer. This class specializes in techniques that allow using the powers of life and death to reanimate corpses. Similarly, to other character classes, the Necromancer has three unique skill lines. Grave Lord skill allows the player to imbue undead with elemental powers. Bone Tyrant skill turns the remains of the fallen on the battlefield into barriers as well uses them to replenish players’ health. Living death reanimates fallen allies and restores the health of those close to defeat.With new dragons in the Elsweyr skies comes a new trial. The player and his party must enter the Sunspire, a temple overridden by dragons. Completing the trial wards the player with unique items and gear.StoryIn the south of the Tamriel continent, between the wild forests of Valenwood and dour Black Marsh, there lies a mysterious land. Elsweyr, they call it, for it is unlike any other land in the Empire. Hot desert air and dust fill the lungs of those who dare tread into the home country of the Khajiit. Should you be brave enough to venture there, you will find a country torn between two kingdoms, with skies ruled by dragons. Travel safely, adventurer, for Elsweyr will test you in ways you have never imagined…ReceptionESO Elsweyr received critical acclaim form the reviewers, who were full of praise for the developers who managed to outdo themselves when it comes to the quality of the product. Reviewers noted that one of the main selling points of the expansion was the new playable class – the necromancer as well as the beautiful new lands to explore and, of course, the option to fights with dragons, which have shown that there are no limits to the developers’ creativity when it comes to designing thrilling encounters with the flying beasts.Includes access to The Elder Scrolls Online Base Game, Morrowind Chapter, Summerset Chapter, and Elsweyr Chapter.


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